Rede Gourmet

Founded in May 2009, the group gourmet has been born of the diversification of his houses. The aim is to bring together in one place the quality, variety and service excellence of its seven outlets, without forgetting the particularities of each one. The connection of Olegário Pizzeria, Santa Fé Restaurant, Udon, Villa Madalena, Armazém Medeiros, Olegário Savassi and Olegário Express, intended primarily to satisfy and provide benefits to our customers.

For this, we created a system of loyalty Network Gourmet: the loyalty card. It provides gifts to those who acquire, since all consumption of those who use the card is reversed in points, once accumulated can be exchanged for different types of prizes. More-over, the customer can, of course, enjoy the gastronomic variety, comfort and quality of service of each place.